Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Postcard Challenge 8

And here we are at week 8 already.
Here you can find last weeks card...

Broes felt sick in his stomach ever since he grabbed Emily's card from his mailbox. He'd been looking forward to her card so much, he'd been walking on clouds since he left Paris but her last line, talking about it possibly be her last card dropped him right into hell.
Not that he knew what hell was like but he was pretty much sure it came close to how he felt right now!

When his little brother called to nag about how his friend let him down that day and wasn't coming along on their holiday the next day and they went cheap and didn't pay for a cancellation and how he didn't want to go alone and now all his money would be gone, he hesitated for just a second and announced he would come along and fly to Cuba to safe his brother once again.

One of his favorite slogans was: We all have to be good when we can!
And this was one of those moments to act just that way...

This week I made a drawing of the smallest bird on earth since it's the symbol of love and that was very appropriate for Broes to send.
I used Derwent colorsoft pencils on black cardstock. It's matted on white, has a nice little trim but my scanner doesn't see that...

The back reads:

Oh Emily, don't you understand I'm truely interested in you? It felt so good to visit you. Don't tell me our kiss goodbye in Paris was the first and last one, please...
Right now I'm in Cuba with my brother on a holiday. His friend canceled last minute and I just went in his place!
I can't say Cuba is beautiful but it has something inviting and takes the speed out of daily life.
I think you would love the music you hear all around!
Hope to receive a card from you soon. I really like to know how you're feeling!

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