Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

vrijdag 17 februari 2012

Postcard Challenge 7

Another week went by very fast and here we go again:

While Emily was dancing in the Moulin Rouge she thought she saw a familiar head 
and couldn't believe it at first of course, but Broes was really there!
They only had her 20-minute break to talk and that was not enough...
Or maybe it was too much time...

Emily loves her freedom, and she really can deal with butterflies and crazy leaps of her heart
but what to make of a guy who comes all the way to Paris, wíth chocolates, to see her?
He turns the world she loves so much upside down and she needs a moment to think...
Where better to go than the green hills of Wales? Maybe there are answers to find in the ancient walls of one of the many castles in that area?

She starts at Llanfair Caereinion and spends the entire afternoon petting all the lovely yarns at Colinette Yarns and buys some Jitterbug Pagan to knit a triangle wrap. She knows the rhytmic sound of the needles and the comforting knowledge of a repeating pattern will sooth her feelings and she will end up with a shawl to keep her warm for the rest of this Winter.

Next she spends a couple days in Hay-on-Why trying to find distraction in all the second-hand books and settles for Margaret Mitchell's 'Gone with the Wind'. Scarlett was strong and did what her pleased and maybe there is an answer in her decisions...
The famous Old Black Lion Inn is just perfect to think and decide on her next step!

This week is a quick pencil drawing of my favorite books
and Hay-on-Why is very high on my list of places I wanted to visit before I die... :)

The back reads:

Hey Broes,
What a surprise to see you again...
Thank your for the chocolates. They were delicious!
I'm in Wales now, trying to figure out what to make of you and your gesture...
I hoped some time alone in quiet surroundings would help but I feel further from knowing what to do next than ever before...
I'm not sure if we should talk again. This might be my last card, just to let you know...

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