Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

zaterdag 23 juni 2012

Druk, druk, druk...

Ik weet niet wat het is,
ik wil zo veel,
en moet zo veel...
Mijn agenda staat zwart van de afspraken
en ik merkte van de week dat ik zelfs een keer vergeten ben te lunchen...

I don't know what it is,
I want to do so much,
I have to do so much... 
My agenda is stuffed with appointments
and last week I discovered I forgot to lunch one day...

Ik hol mezelf voorbij 
en vergeet te genieten van de dingen die er echt toe doen...
Op creatief gebied komt er helemaal niets uit mijn handen,
ik ben het plezier van het creatief zijn een beetje kwijt.
Ik heb wel nog een aantal boeken gelezen in de afgelopen weken
en dan merk ik dat dat eigenlijk een soort vlucht is uit mijn dagelijkse leven.
Niet dat er echt iets mis is, het is gewoon zo druk...
Nog vier weken en dan is het lekker zomervakantie!
Als het weer dan ook nog een beetje mee wil gaan werken,
kom ik wel weer uit mijn dipje!

I'm running through my days
and forget to enjoy the things that really matter...
All my creativity left my body,
I can't enjoy being creative.
I've read a couple books in the past weeks
and admit I use them to jump into someone else's life.
Not like there's anything wrong with my life, it's just crazy busy...
Just four more weeks to our Summer holiday!
It would be great if we could get a bit more Summery weather,
I'm sure I would feel much better then!

vrijdag 8 juni 2012

Postcard Challenge 22

Here you can find last weeks card!

Broes was a bit nervous but in hindsight he should have known moving Emily wouldn't be troublesome.
She was perfectly packed and didn't have all that much stuff.
She loved everything about the apartment and seemed to be at ease with the horses and cows in the barn. Even his buddy King, a mixture of unknown dog breads he saved from the animal shelter six years ago liked Emily, which was quite surprising since he didn't like people overall. 
Broes felt good about the decisions he made lately but went traveling with a heavy heart, he just wanted to be with Emily... Better not to show her too much and scare her away, take it easy and let her settle in first!

This week I made a menu in paint and printed it to stick to a card.
Simple but effective! :)
I'm trying very hard to catch up...

The back reads:

No thanks at all, in the end you're helping me out too!
I hope this is the first mail in your new mailbox.
I'm inviting you for dinner. I'll have the table set and hope to see you Saturday around 7pm.
I can't wait to hear how your first week went...
I'm sorry I had to leave you alone so fast!


Thank you Darcy for another great country!
Go and check out the other travelers!!!
It's fun, I promise! :)

donderdag 7 juni 2012

Amari (3)

Na mijn laatste update ben ik lekker verder gegaan
en is mijn Amari alweer af!

After my last update I kept on knitting
and now my Amari is finished!

 Het is echt supersnel gegaan!
En dat patroon van die rand viel reuze mee...

It went super-fast!
And the lace on the edge wasn't hard at all...

Ik snap alleen niet waarom mijn rand er heel anders uit ziet als het origineel...
Begrijp me goed, dat maakt het niet minder mooi
want ik vind hem prachtig geworden!

I just don't understand why my lace looks so different from the original...
Don't get me wrong, it doesn't make it less pretty
I love my lace!

Helaas klimt de temperatuur ineens weer omhoog
dus gaat deze wollen sjaal een poosje de kast in...
Laat de winter maar komen!
(Nou vooruit, na een beetje zomer dan...)

Too bad temperature is just going up
so this woolen shawl will go into my closet for a while...
I'm ready for Winter to come!
(Oh okay, after a bit of Summer...)

woensdag 6 juni 2012


En net toen ik dacht dat alles weer lekker liep
en gewoon zo zijn gangetje ging
en ik weer lekker creatief bezig kon zijn
stond onze wereld weer op z'n kop...

And just when I thought everything was back to normal
just the daily chores
and time for me to be creative 
our world turned upside down again...

Maandag is onze Hannah aangereden...
En dat was allemaal zo ernstig dat er eigenlijk weinig keuze overbleef
en we haar moesten laten inslapen...

Monday our Hannah was hit by a car...
She had such serious injuries that we didn't have much choice
and we had to put her asleep forever...

Hannah was Zara's poesje en pas 13 maanden oud.
Zo blij als ze hier is toen ze háár kitten kreeg,
zo verdrietig is ze nu...
Zijn we allemaal!

Hannah was Zara's cat and only 13 months old.
As happy as Zara was here when she received her kitten,
that sad she is now...
We all are!

Ook Oscar en Bink zijn duidelijk ontdaan...
Ze kruipen dicht tegen elkaar aan 
en soms denk ik dat ze lopen te zoeken...
We wachten maar tot het scherpste randje er af is
en dan zal het vast wel weer beter gaan...

Even Oscar and Bink are not their usual shiny selves...
They cuddle up together
and sometimes it seems like they are looking for Hannah...
We'll wait until the biggest hurt is gone
and then we will feel better again...

maandag 4 juni 2012

Postcard Challenge 21

Last card can be found here.
Did she take the invitation and went to an unknown destination?
Of course she did!!! :)

Broes rang the doorbell at exactly 9am and Emily was all packed and ready to go.
She had no idea where he was taking her and hoped that some of the talking involved her being almost homeless. She didn't think Broes really knew how serious her situation was but her parents gave her one more week and then she had to be out of the home she grew up in...

Broes took her to the airport and then he could no longer hide, they were flying to England, to London to be more precise!
How wonderfully romantic. Last time he visited her in Paris, so maybe next time they could go to Rome! Yay!

The weekend in London was all she hoped for and more. She learned Broes' parents wanted their boy to be independent and able to take care of himself and built him an apartment in the barn for his 16th birthday. Recently Broes had a farmhand living there but Mario married and found another job. Now the apartment was empty and he needed someone to take care of the animals and property while he was out on his travels and wondered if Emily was willing to take the job.

That meant having a roof to sleep under and a job at the same time!
But would she be able to see Broes as her new boss?
She had only one week to think about it...

Emily in London, behind her is the English Flag
Drawing with the help of the Cotton Candy Girls class by Natasha May  
Colored with Derwent Colorsoft pencils

The back reads:

Thank you for an amazing weekend!
And the even more magnificent offer to provide me with a house and job!
I've been thinking about it a lot...
I have to say YES! and grab this chance with both hands but I'm still not sure what this will do to our relationship... Time will tell, I guess...
I can't believe you will also help me with the move with your car and trailer.
It feels like winning the lottery!

XO Emily

Thank you Darcy for another great country!
Go and check out the other travelers!!!
It's fun, I promise! :)

zondag 3 juni 2012

Amari (2)

Weet je nog, vorige week donderdag, toen begon ik met de Amari-shawl...
En ondanks dat het afgelopen week vakantie was en we heel druk waren met heel veel andere dingen die gewoon gebeuren als je vijf kinderen thuis hebt de hele week
kwam ik er ook aan toe om iets meer Amari te maken...

Remember, last week on Thursday, I started this Amari-shawl...
And even though it was a holiday week here and we were very busy with lots of other things that just happen when you have five children home the entire week
I also managed to throw in some knitting-the-Amari- time ...

En zo groeide ze...

And she grew...

 En groeide...

And grew...

Tot aan de tiende ribbel!
Nu ben ik toe aan het patroon-deel maar daar zie ik een beetje tegenop...
Er staan nu 252 steken op de pen en hier moet ik echt wel even mijn gedachten bij houden.
Morgen gaan ze allemaal weer naar school, misschien helpt dat! :)

Up to the tenth ridge!
Now I have to start the lace-part but I'm stalling...
There are 252 stitches on my needle and I really have to be focused to get the pattern right.
Tomorrow the children will all be back in school, maybe that will help! :)