Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

maandag 4 juni 2012

Postcard Challenge 21

Last card can be found here.
Did she take the invitation and went to an unknown destination?
Of course she did!!! :)

Broes rang the doorbell at exactly 9am and Emily was all packed and ready to go.
She had no idea where he was taking her and hoped that some of the talking involved her being almost homeless. She didn't think Broes really knew how serious her situation was but her parents gave her one more week and then she had to be out of the home she grew up in...

Broes took her to the airport and then he could no longer hide, they were flying to England, to London to be more precise!
How wonderfully romantic. Last time he visited her in Paris, so maybe next time they could go to Rome! Yay!

The weekend in London was all she hoped for and more. She learned Broes' parents wanted their boy to be independent and able to take care of himself and built him an apartment in the barn for his 16th birthday. Recently Broes had a farmhand living there but Mario married and found another job. Now the apartment was empty and he needed someone to take care of the animals and property while he was out on his travels and wondered if Emily was willing to take the job.

That meant having a roof to sleep under and a job at the same time!
But would she be able to see Broes as her new boss?
She had only one week to think about it...

Emily in London, behind her is the English Flag
Drawing with the help of the Cotton Candy Girls class by Natasha May  
Colored with Derwent Colorsoft pencils

The back reads:

Thank you for an amazing weekend!
And the even more magnificent offer to provide me with a house and job!
I've been thinking about it a lot...
I have to say YES! and grab this chance with both hands but I'm still not sure what this will do to our relationship... Time will tell, I guess...
I can't believe you will also help me with the move with your car and trailer.
It feels like winning the lottery!

XO Emily

Thank you Darcy for another great country!
Go and check out the other travelers!!!
It's fun, I promise! :)