Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Postcard Challenge 4

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On to this weeks challenge:

    Broes walks through the crowded streets of Beijing. 
The air was frosty, something he didn’t expect to find in China.
Something had gone terribly wrong at the airport and he ended up in this majestic city. He received many apologies, a real nice hotel room and a place on the first plane going to Amsterdam. Too bad that plane left in 48 hours. He really had no idea how to spend his time here and starts wandering, not looking for anything specific he finds out the year of the Dragon started and he is surrounded by festivities. How easy it is to absorb the energy flowing and join in the joy.
All the colors make him think of Emily. How is it possible, he met her only once. He figures he has to meet her again. He has to end this idiocy as soon as possible!

( This weeks postcard is embroidered on fabric with DMC, 
silver glitter thread on the nails and a bead for the eye
The lovely pattern is made by Aimee)

The back reads:

Did you know 2012 is the year of the Dragon? These people know how to celebrate, there's festivities and color everywhere!
And it reminds me of you...
I really feel we should meet up again. I can't believe how many times you pop into my head, and we just met once!
It's freezing here, would love to meet you at Copacabana Beach but for now I would also be very glad to be home for a while...

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