Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Postcard Challenge 2

Here you can find what I posted last week!
And the story continues... 

   The weather was terrible when Broes came home from his latest business trip, the rain fell in a steady rhythm on his rooftop and made it hard to see anything through his windshield, despite the hard work of his wipers.  He stopped at the start of his driveway to grab the mail and tossed it on the front seat next to him. That’s when his eyes fell on a colorful postcard and he sat there reading the note at his dashboard light, not knowing what he should make of this girl…

Three days later the sky was still grey. He just packed his travel bag again to leave for an emergency repair on a farm in Spain. He grabs his keys from the counter and spots Emily’s card. He looks outside at the grey sky and sees three rays of sunshine peeping through the dark clouds enlightening the fields behind his property. After a deep sigh he places the card in his bag. Maybe he should just tell her what he thinks of her so called advice… 

 The card reads:

Ouch Emily! How could I wave all troubles away when the first thing I ran into at the airport was a petition against Bull Fighting?
Cows are my world, my life, ever since I invented a new milking device which I'm now selling all over the globe.
Must admit you are bringing color to my days since I think bout you a lot...
And I try to smile more at the people I meet!