Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

vrijdag 20 januari 2012

Postcard Challenge 3

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This is what happens this week:

   Emily puts her belongings back in her silly old suitcase with plaids in red and green. She found this love on a flea market a little over three years ago when she still lived with her parents in  a dull small town  and planned on some travelling. Her parents were strict, rules were there to be obeyed, and she longed for the day to turn 21 and be free to do what she wanted. The horrified look on her mother’s face when she saw Emily’s travel companion was priceless! Mrs. Jacobs warned her about how nobody would take her serious with such a valise and she wouldn’t get a room in a recommended hotel.
Oh, how far off her mother was, who wants to be in the Hilton when there are so many youth hostels and inns to meet new  interesting people who didn’t worry about being in bed by nine?
She locks the door of this comfy room for the last time. There was no work at all in this area of Austria and after two weeks of seeing her savings shrink she decided to travel on to a yet unknown destination. She drops of the keys at the reception desk and receives her mail in return which she places in her suitcase to read later.
She goes to the airport and asks for a place on the first available flight. She learned those tickets were fairly cheap and she liked the surprise element of never knowing where to end up next. 
After five minutes she was running after a flight attendant to catch her plane. Since her suitcase was small enough to carry on the plane there was just one passport check and before she knew it she was up in the air, settling in her chair for an almost 14 hour flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There was more than enough time to read her mail. She was surprised to find the card from Broes and felt something stirring, and it wasn’t because of the climbing of the plane…

This week Emily has send an envelope to Broes

(This photo is really terrible but I couldn't get it scanned because of the flowers and
rhinestones on her toe nails and the weather here is gloomy...)

The back reads:

Hey friend,
Don't worry about the things you can't change...
Accept them, and do the things you can do!
At the moment I'm at the Copacabana Beach and it's 27C.
I received a job offer at a cocktail bar and it's wonderful!
This photo shows my marvelous view!!!
I'll be here for at least two weeks. Since you said you travel around too I'm sending you a Real.
If you are in the vicinity, come on over and I'll shake you your best cocktail ever!

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(And of course, everything I used is from my stash! :))