Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

vrijdag 13 april 2012

Postcard Challenge 15

Wow, this week was short...
On Wednesday I went out with the flu
today is the first day I feel a bit better!
And so we're off on our travels again
with Emily!

This week Emily is off with her parents and sister Daphne.
Her parents celebrate their 25th anniversary and to top off their before holidays of hiking in Austria her dad decided on a tour through Iceland to visit 25 waterfalls!
Emily wonders what's wrong with a good party with the entire family, some neighbors and friends?
But she decides to play the good girl, after all she loves to travel and she hasn't been to this island before...

Broes last card was nice as always. He even wants to help her find her own place!
Maybe she should carefully prepare her parents first...
She didn't think her father would like it very much and wondered if he was willing to help her buy a place. She never really thought about a place of her own, what she thought she needed, where she wanted to live...
Maybe she should take this week to figure out what exactly she wanted, with all the traveling she never had to make serious decisions, the question didn't get harder than to stay or not to stay!

This week I made a collage of a couple of the waterfalls.
I love waterfalls!!! :)

The back reads:

Hello Broes,

It's around 5C here and mostly pretty wet...
My parents are celebrating their 25th anniversary here with a tour along 25 waterfalls.
I think I've seen enough water for a while...
For now I must choose a place to rent,
when I buy it should be for a longer period and for now I'm not really sure about my long term Goals for Life...
Any advice is appreciated, how did you come to live where you are today?

XO Emily

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