Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

vrijdag 6 april 2012

Postcard Challenge 14

Week 14, and off we are!!!
Here you can find last weeks card...

Broes walks barefoot from his kitchen to his computer, with a big mug of tea in his hand.
He's getting ready for two weeks of nothing and is so ready for it!

He opens the mail and sees one from his buddy Andrew, if he wants to help out being a caddy at a golf tournament. He can do that! It will be fun to hang out with Andrew!

He calls and catches Andrew at dinner.
How's this possible??? 
Soon all is explained, Andrew is in ....


And that's where the tournament is too!

So, there he goes again, up the stairs to pack his bags and run off to the airport
for a week of fun in a luxurious Country Club.
How unpredictable and wonderful can life be?

 This is a drawing of the Orchid Country Club in Singapore where the golf tournament is held this weekend for the third time in a row.
I used my Lyra Aquacolors for this drawing.

The back reads:

I'm at the ISPS Handa Singapore Classic 2012 Golf Tournament this week as a caddy.
Thought it would be fun and give me time to think some while walking around but it's so freaking hot... 30C and thunder! 
Thankfully my room at the Orchid Country Club has A/C!
If you're really serious about getting your own place I might know of a couple great spots.
Just let me know if you're looking to buy or rent, okay?
I have some connections (that's how I ended up here too!) and I love to help you out.
I'm not really charmed to meet dads in the middle of the night either. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, I love reading all your wonderful comments on my cards and story!
Don't forget to leave your love with all the other world-travellers!!!