Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

donderdag 31 mei 2012

Postcard Challenge 20

I'm getting there!
Here's the card for week 19!
This time we're supposed to pick a country in West Africa.
I'm not traveling, but making them send inspirational cards to each other! :)

Broes was happy to see another fun and bright card between his mail.
Too bad the message wasn't all that happy... 
Right there he decided to take Emily out for the weekend, whether she wanted to go or not, they had to talk! He had the best idea for her to rent, he just wasn't sure how to bring it to her.
His proposal could be taken in two ways, of course he hoped she would be thankful and take the offer without thinking about it!
But he knew Emily a little and knew he had to tell a good story to make her buy it...

Photo of a beach in Cape Verde
Colored bright and tropical with Derwent colorsoft pencils
and it has a lovely blue distressed edge (that went a bit missing with scanning... *sigh*)

The back reads:

How about a small wooden house on this lovely beach in Cape Verde?
I want to invite you to go with me next weekend.
I think you can use a change of scenery, and your parents can use a break too...
Be ready Friday at 9am, I'll have you home on Sunday before 10pm 
and in between we have a lot to talk about!
See you Friday!