Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

woensdag 30 mei 2012

Postcard Challenge 19

Okay, it took me a couple weeks but I finally found some time to make my next card for the Postcard Challenge over at Art and Sole!
Hopefully I can make a couple more and be all up-to-date in the challenge soon...
Here you can find the last card!

Emily is all surprised to receive a card from New Zealand and the skeins of Possum Merino feel so soft. She knows they have to transform into a beautiful shawl soon!

For now she has her hands full searching for a place to rent. She tried the official way through an organization and found out there's a waiting list of about 13 years!
The way it's going with her parents right now she's glad if they let her stay for 13 more days...

Snail House - Sofia - Bulgaria

The back reads:

I really don't feel like traveling right now. 
My parents have been giving me a hard time and I decided it's time for me to move to my own place.
Unbelievable how some people can take the joy out of living!
I really like this snail house in Sofia.
Do you think they have a room to rent me???

XO Emily

Oh, did you notice she's so troubled she forgets to thank him for the yarn?!