Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

vrijdag 4 mei 2012

Postcard Challenge 18

Yikes, Friday again!
Last weeks card can be found here.
Come and travel with me...

Broes was ready to go back to work after two weeks of hanging around, walking the dog and making small repairs on his property.
He was happy when the phone rang but a little shaken when he found out he had to go all the way to Hamilton... 
New Zealand!
That's at least 38 hours on the plane! What a way to start work again...

The province Waikato has the highest rate of dairy farming, there are about 1,415.000 dairy cows and they provide 29 - 35% of all milk products for export.
If he can sell those farmers on his device he might be able to quit working at 40!

This week I tried to paint an original Red Barn which you'll see all over the New Zealand country side.
It's a pencil drawing with watercolor.
And yes, I was a bit too quick here and there,
blame it on the children who have a break this week! ;)

The back reads:

Emily, you're not a wimp! You've grown up while they stayed teenagers!
I'm in Waikato at work this week and stumbled upon Knitsworld where they sell Possum-Merino.
I had to buy you two skeins to support the people here to decrease the population of Possums.
They eat too much native trees, plants and bird-life and are responsible for spreading diseases under sheep and cows.
I hope you will knit something nice and warm with it!
Where are you planning to travel next? It would be nice if we could hang out together again...

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I love your comments and will come by all of you to leave some love this week! :)