Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Postcard Challenge 11

And once again it's Friday...
 Welcome to my humble country!!! :)
I can't wait to see what you all come up with and I'm pretty sad I have to wait until Monday because I'm off this weekend doing nothing more than being crafty and chatty with 30+ other lovely ladies! 
Yay!!! :)

Emily is once again on a train, back home for a while!
The handsome German guy wanted way more in return for his snowboard lessons than she was willing to give and as usual she ended up running away...
Honestly she's a bit tired of running around and wonders if it really was so bad at home. She knows it's time to visit her family, to really feel what they taught her about standards and values!

She picks up her mail at the Post Office and is surprised to find the beautiful card from Broes.
The message brings tears to her eyes.
He could have died in Canada!!!
And she would never have known and that's what makes her feel... terrible!

In doubt if she could just visit him she decides to buy one of those terrible tourist-y postcards and send it to let him know she really does care about him.
The question is how much?

I used an old rubber stamp sheet... I guess it's name was Ready2Stamp.
Colored with my Derwent Coloursoft pencils.

The back reads:
Oh broes, did you really almost die in Canada?
I can hardly belive your message. If that happened I would heva thought you were done with my mood-swings.... (don't worry, I'm used to it!)
And I would never have known the truth...
Isn't that sad?
I'm home for a while, can we meet?
-XO- Emily
PS My hair is black with orange bangs this week! :)

Don't forget to leave your love at the other lovely participants in this challenge!!!