Spreuk van de Maand

Spreuk van de Maand

vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Postcard Challenge 10

Here you can find last weeks card!
I'm sorry I haven't found the time to comment on all your cards... It's partially because of the weird words that appear when I want to place my comment. I have a very hard time reading them...
Besides this was a crazy week! I have started my card just yesterday and spend this morning finishing it... Oh, how wonderful life is, right? :)

Broes jumps in his car and rushes off to the airport again and hits the brakes at the last moment to check his mailbox. Again...
He was afraid Emily has stopped writing and he has no idea where he could find her.
The sun just pops up over the horizon and he is very surprised to find a card in his box.
And she didn't sound all that bad...
Oh, how he wishes his next job is in Switzerland, too bad he is on his way to Canada!

Broes picks up a rental car at Toronto-airport and is on his way to a farm in Neverland or something.
He hasn't seen a soul in hours and is wondering if he ever arrives. Looking at the navigation system he sees he has another three hours to drive and he really doesn't like to see the sun go down.
He hates to drive in the dark, especially in unknown surroundings.

By the time he's off the highway and really in the middle of nowhere the car sputters and dies just like that... He's no mechanic and doesn't want to meet the wild-life and stays in the car.
He puts on all his clothes and starts praying he will make it through the night. It's around -20C and the snow softly falls. He doesn't recall a moment in time where it has been this quiet and dark.
Somehow he manages to fall asleep, thinking of Emily...

When he opens his eyes he looks into worried dark eyes in a weathered face. Not sure if this is saviour or the end, actually he doesn't even care anymore, he's so cold and stiff, anyway out is okay!
The man is part of an Indian tribe living nearby and they take care of him while they arrange to get his car fixed so he can go on to his final destination.
The young ladies are embroidering cards to sell on a market where they go once a week and Broes decides to buy one for Emily and tell her all about his latest adventure.
The Indian girl tells him it represents the Candian lakes, they have estimated there are 31,752 lakes bigger than 3km² in Canada.

This weeks card is a mini-quilt with couched DMC, satin ribbon and funny fiber.
Decorative machine stitching, handsewn lines and french knots and hotfix crystals.

  The back reads:
What a marvelous view. I truely hope you are able to enjoy it!
I'm on my way to a remote farm in Ontario, Canada but my rental car broke down and I ended up with an Indian tribe. They are very helpfull and I really think I would have frozen to death if they hadn't found me that night.
This card is made by the young ladies here and reminds me of your hair in Paris. I wonder what color it is nowadays.
Really hope you find your Mojo back soon...

Once upon a time, like February 22nd, 1999
a crazy couple from the Netherlands
went all the way to the Niagara Falls 
to fulfil their dream of a lovely little Winter wedding.
Temperatures were around -18C, during the day so it all was a dream come true!

Yes, that's us! 
And we're still very happy together and very  much in love with Canada.
We tried to emigrate but lots of things and children came in between...
I had a lovely week thinking about what to make to show my love for this beautiful country that carries a piece of my heart.
Hope you all had a wonderful week too!!!

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